We keep waiting for the snow to melt and the snow to go away so we can rake and finish up closing up the beach….  but it has not been happening


No ice yet but it is cold!


We have remained busy with folks getting away from election commercials and virus.  The cabins are slowing down a little and there are openings on weekends now if you are looking at getting away.  Thanksgiving though only has 2 cabins left so do not snooze.  As soon as the election is over next week I know the phone is going to start ringing 


Leaves mostly down


Back up the stairs I go with someone wondering why in the world I went down the steps in the first place


We are like everyone else connecting with family by Zoom  We had a great game of Cards Against Humanity with all these crazy folks this weekend.  All Bad Cards is a great website for free way of having fun with family if you are up for Cards Against Humanity.  Next week they want us to play Among Us… if you don’t know what Among Us is you don’t have someone in your family from 12 – 25


Back to sock making.  I have been adding socks to the shop.  I just configured my online store to have shipping options which I hope lower the shipping prices on socks.  If the site charges too much shipping I will reimburse shipping charges.  Check out  Wednesday I will be adding in the new Christmas Socks I just started making.  They will go fast once I post them.  They are great colors!  Want a preview of them to order send me an email to and I will send a picture of the socks and gloves before I put them on the website