The resort has gotten quieter this week.  We have had a few visitors.  This ermine/weasel was having quite a time out at the woodshed


There was a face off between it and Penny.  Penny was very interested in where the weasel was.  I believe they are called ermine when white and weasel when dark?  Not completely sure but it was fun to see


Meanwhile Troy and Steve were busy keeping the shed full.  We had a very busy fall and a lot of our wood disappeared.  These guys work hard keeping the shed full  If you are ever bored when here they always accept help.  We have several guests who enjoy an afternoon splitting a little wood or piling.  Piling wood can sooth the soul.  In the pic they are cutting wood ends for kindling

If you have extra newspapers at home and room in the car feel free to bring along and add to the newspaper supply in the shed


Lots of leaf blowing this week

IMG_4392 (1)

Someone else picking up leaves and hauling them away

We were just happy the snow disappeared for a little while so we could get it done


Lots of organizing of things to the shed.  All the blankets and pillows we had stored in our attic from the cabins are headed to deep winter storage.  I am sure hoping we can put them all back where they belong by late spring or summer.  Lets keep our fingers crossed COVID goes away!


There was a lot of betting on if our little travel trailer would fit in our storage shed for winter.  Lots of backing, a few swear words and it made it in with 6 inches to spare on the roof


Troy and I did escape for a quick bike ride to town down the Bearskin.  


Nice lunch from Great Northern Coffee Traders at the park.  Great Northern has been great through the whole pandemic.  They have been curbside only with gloves and masks on.  I always feel safe picking up food from them

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I have been busy keeping my online store full of socks.  If you need Christmas presents check out  You can shop right from the website and do local pick up or I will ship.  I have been adjusting the shipping costs.  If I can ship it cheaper than what my online store says I will reinburse the shipping charges.   I have socks with no wool, 75% super wash wool and nylon and super wash merino wool like you see in the picture.  The socks in the picture are one of a kind hand dyed by my friend Hilly Jacklin in Missoiri

I have Christmas socks pictured on the site.  I have 2 more Christmas colors arriving this week that I will be knitting up and adding to the site next week.  Email any questions to me at