It is starting to look more like the holidays around here.  We are getting booked up a bit.  With our 24 hour holds between reservations this winter it has limited our rentals, but that is ok if we call all vacation as safely as possible.  We are continuing the double sanitation on the cabins with hospital grade disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen, dipping most things in bleach water and wiping down behind the disinfectant with bleach water.  We clean with masks on as well.  All these precautions are for our cleaning staff (mainly us and a couple of others) and our guests.  So far so good..


Fire pits with light snow looking very quiet

We have a couple of cabins open for Thanksgiving, Bear Den and Wigwam with a 3 night minimum.  Mention Facebook special to get Wigwam at a deduced rate of 160/night for up to 4.  Otherwise it is 195/night.  Bear Den we will also put on special for smaller groups at 200/night for up to 4 people otherwise it is 275/night up to 10


My sock machine has been busy with my new Christmas yarn.  These are listed on my website as Holly Jolly Christmas.  I make them into socks, fingerless gloves and ankle socks.  Just message me shoe sizes or order online at   I believe I have more Christmas colors possibly coming in next week they are on back order.  Holly Jolly though is one of my favorite colors for Christmas I have gotten over the years


It makes a great ankle sock too

IMG_4325 (1)

Lots more colors to choose from on my website for Christmas gifts.  It been a lot of work to put the website together and get everything uploaded on the site but it has been a fun challenge.  I put new things I make on Instagram and Facebook just look up Jenny’s Sock Shop on both platforms if you want to see what is new on the site as I add it

Thanks to everyone over the years who has loved my socks and become loyal customers getting new socks when they visit the resort or see me at a craft fair.  It has truly been one of the joys in life turning a hobby I love into a small business that has put the boys through college.  Three more semesters to go and Grant will be out of school


Steve out at the woodshed chopping up pine for next summers fire pit wood supply.  Wood warms you twice once when you chop it and once when you burn it


Paddle boats in their winter storage spot


The road in looking cold but pretty.  If you need an escape from the world we live in just give a call.  We will be open welcoming visitors unless they tell us we can not.  We doing everything we can to be as safe as possible through the pandemic