Mack and Penny would like everyone to know our family is doing ok so far through the pandemic.  So far one of our kids and one of Katie’s has had covid and recovered.  The rest of us are just doing the darnedest to not get it before the vaccine.  At the moment we have scaled back our Thanksgiving just like everyone else.  We have maybe one of our boys staying at our house (the one who shall go unnamed but recovered from COVID and we figure he is the safest one for us to be around).  Another one is social distancing from us in a cabin we will meet him on a cabin porch for Thanksgiving and number 3 is having Thanksgiving with significant others family.  Katie and Steve are also keeping their Thanksgivings low key and social distant from ours.  Katie’s horse barn has become a good semi warm spot in the hay with a blanket to meet.  It will sure be a different Thanksgiving for us not to have all of them in the house around the table… but it is a just a day and we will be ready to celebrate with all of them when this comes to an end just like everyone else

The resort is operating as usual with our cleaning protocols.  So far so good.  Having the 24 hours between rentals all winter and early spring we think is really going to make a difference for guests and us to travel safely.  We are very comfortable with how we are operating and how we do things now.  

Everyone stay safe out there and visit us and bring bacon for the 2 above if you feel ok about traveling up north for a few days away from thoughts of the world.  

We have had a bit of a Thanksgiving cabin shuffle.  The current opening is in Wigwam with a 2 night minimum 160/night up to 4 or 195/night up to 7


The lake did freeze the other morning





Steve and Troy have stayed busy splitting wood for next summer


They even got me out to run the lever.  This is fire pit wood also for next summer


I have been kept busy filling Christmas sock orders.  I just ordered more Christmas sock yarn.  Get your orders in before it is all gone.


Here is the knitting studio at the moment with 3 machines operating, each one has its special task.  2 of the machines are from the 1920’s and then my pedaling machine.  

We figure this is the best way to get through the pandemic making socks hidden up north.  Troy and I go to town for groceries and a couple of curbside restaurants.  Besides that we stay home cleaning cabins and filling orders  Most of the guests who arrive also stick pretty close to the resort enjoying time away from home and sitting by the fire.