We had almost a full resort for Deer Hunting Weekend and Thanksgiving.  Sadly a lack of pictures I usually do.  Usually I go around and take pictures of the guys before deer camp and all the families enjoying a Thanksgiving meal at the cabin.  This year everyone stayed to themselves, us included.  It was a special time for everyone who visited with smaller groups and sticking pretty close to the cabins, except for the deer hunters.  Our hunters across the road, The Evans Guy, missed a 8 point buck but saw a lot of doe and a spike buck they left alone. 


We had our dinner outside by the campfire with just our family.  We have had some of them recovered from COVID and immune, a college student and then the rest of us.  We figured it was best if we kept things outside and the college student in his own cabin


Cedar swing was a little cold but we were just all happy to be together and not relying on zoom to communicate


Jake working away at the summer fire pit wood pile.  Steve wanted it cleared out for plowing and he is getting through it slowly


Steve took care of our toilet paper shortage.  We should be good through winter now


The sock shop went outside for the weekend.  No craft fair to go to for the first time ever after Thanksgiving so it all went outside and shoppers showed up to get Christmas presents

IMG_4631 (1)

This is my new favorite Christmas yarn.  I call it Elf on a Shelf.  It has matching gloves, socks and ankle socks.  I have built up quite a variety of Christmas designs in the shop


I was also busy making a special order of crazy socks.  These are sold but if you have a crazy person in your life who needs something a little different for Christmas let me know.  I have a bowl full of left overs to make a few more crazy socks.  I just need a size and the colors preferred.  This guy wanted mainly blues in his sock.

The sock machines are whirling keeping up with orders right now.  Do not wait till last minute, as the elves may have had too much egg nog and you might end up with a sock with an extra toe if you wait till right before Christmas