The ice skating is going to be epic this year if the snow holds off.  Steve has already been skating around the edges a bit.  I will wait till there is more ice.  Some of our best Christmas’s have been spent skating all over the lake with the family.  It is magical when you are not stopped by the size of a rink and can skate everywhere

We had some cabins shifting 

Wildflower2 bdr  is open up through Dec 26th checking out the 26th.  Perfect size for a family or couple looking to spend a little smaller Christmas this year.

Holiday  also had a cancelation and is open 3 night minimum checking out anytime up to the 29th

We are doing the 24 hour holds on cabins so these reservations are not back to back with another group.  There will always be atleast 24 hours between groups that the cabin stays open


We have been busy getting the kindling pile built up for winter.  Steve and Troy buzzed all this up this week


Mack got the first Christmas present of the year from his buddy Barb Moore.  He has sensors for when his special friends arrive the resort and he makes a bee line for their cabins.  He knows Barb always has a pigs ear for him


With some nights open between now and Christmas, Steve started looking around for a project.  Wigwam is always up for some sprucing up.  It will be getting some new windows in the bedrooms and we are going to take start taking the carpet out of all the bedrooms in the resort this year and replacing it with hard wood flooring


These windows are original to the cabin.  We put storms on them years ago.  Guests have gotten used to propping them open with sticks of kindling


View from the inside.  They are neat old windows…. but they are a pain to clean and sorry to say I will not miss them


New windows ready to go in


New flooring for the bedrooms


While we were shopping could not resist getting a couple of new beds.  I get reports once in awhile of a bed that needs to be replaced.  I appreciate the heads up as we do not lay on them.  Wildflower also got a new couch.  The furniture store guy was happy to have us in the store


The sock machine continues to whirl around every afternoon filling orders.  I have shipped socks from Florida to California this year.  The color on the machine in the picture is a beautiful Superwash Merino Wool and Nylon blend that was hand dyed by my friend Hilly Jacklin.  This yarn is like butter on your feet!  Yummy

If Santa needs a little help filling stockings, everyone needs socks