We finally got some snow last night.  It is starting to look a little more like Christmas around here.  We could sure use more snow but we are happy the ground is white for now


One thing we have a lot of is ice.  I believe this picture is of Lake Minocqua taken by Steve.  We have great ice skating conditions right now and when that happens everyone sharpens their skates and head to the lakes gently testing out the new ice and daring the other to go first


When the ice has been checked it is time to skate!.  40 racers gathered on Lake Minocqua for a 20K skate race around lake Minocqua.  They try to do this every year in memory of Bob Pace.  Most years they pull it off.  This year was the best conditions!


Steve dressed  for the occasion ready to race on the lake


Part of the race zooming under Highway 51 bridge.  I believe they had the lane for skaters due to thin ice under the other parts of the bridge.  

Lakes do not freeze uniformly.  Depending on currents some areas take longer than others to freeze and likewise unthaw at different spots quicker too

Under highway 51 seems to be a delicate spot


Skating so fast he could not take pics along the way, here is Steve at the end of the race finishing 3rd with his buddy Adam Redman getting 4th


In other big resort news we had a new toy arrive for Troy


Our old gator was about 20 years old and showing signs of needing retirement.  This new one arrived this week.  Our old one went to Katie’s house where she has a retirement home for old horses and old gators.  Her boys have loved the old gator for years sneaking drives in it when Uncle Troy was not looking.  Troy is still getting used to it.  It has a few more working horses than the old gator


At the sock shop the last 2 stockings are headed out the door for 2020.  If you want any in 2021 let me know I do about 10 patterns.  I only make about 12 – 15 stockings a year and usually they all find a home by Christmas.

There are still socks, gloves and scarves if you need last minute Christmas gifts.  I having been shipping packages each day


Mack would like everyone to know that if Christmas is making you feel like this or the relatives grab you and put something like this on your head, there is an answer

Wildflower is open up to December 26th.  Get out while you can before they do this to you and alcohol gets involved