We had some beautiful snow come down last night.  We do not have a ton of snow but what we have is making it look more and more like Christmas

We do have Wildflower open during Christmas from now till the 26th and Kaubashine opened up for the nights of the 24, 25 and 26th with 2 night minimum.  Kaubashine I am running a hot deal on for smaller groups that book all 3 nights for up to 4 people.  Otherwise it can be booked at 3 bdr rate for 2 night minimum up to 7 people


View down the driveway this morning with no tracks yet in the driveway


We have had the Chu girls up enjoying some pre Christmas fun with their mom Jen

Ice skating was number one on their list.  They usually swim in the lake this was their first visit during the winter


Instead of doing cannon balls off the raft into the lake it becomes the spot to put skates on


Those are some big smiles enjoying time at the resort in the winter for the first time.  I have a feeling it won’t be their last time in the winter



Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we always take on a project.  This year it was Wigwam’s bedrooms.  Steve, Chris and Troy installed new windows and took out the carpet in the bedrooms.  We will be slowly taking the carpet out of our bedrooms all winter when they cabins have a little down time allowing us to do it.  The new windows really brightened up these bedrooms.  They also got new beds.  Done just in time as Wigwam is booked today until January 10th.  I have a special going on Wigwam starting January 11 if you would like to book in.

Wigwam will be off line from January 20th until May 1st for a very special guest.  More on that in other blog entries


What happens when the guys invade a cabin for a little remodeling


The summer reservation letters have started.  Having a little Baileys and writing out the letters takes a few days.  They will all be in the mail after the New Year

IMG_4780 (1)

View from our creek trail a couple of days ago