Winter in the woods


The boats sleeping green giants slumbering away dreaming of warm July days floating in Lower Kaubashine


Time to not sleep but do a few projects while we have time between guests.  Bayview was next on the list for new bedrooms floors


Look good Steve!  Nobody will miss carpet


Jake, Ben and Grant helped Steve and Troy make their way through the pile of wood in front of the shed.  This will sit til Spring when we pile it in the shed for summer and fall use


January is crazy sock month for me.  I start the year out with the resolution of emptying out my yarn bins…..  it works for awhile…. but each year the yarn issue gets bigger and bigger.  My yarn storage now looks like I might own a yarn store.  But I am determined to get the bin that says yarn left overs emptied by the end of January


I have a lot to work with as you can see.  Which is good as over Christmas every pair of my crazy socks headed out the door.  All will be fresh and new for 2021


With the lower snow totals, ice fisherman and skaters have been happy being able to get around the lake.  Jake was out skate skiing across the lake yesterday. He reported good lake skiing.  The ski trails in the area are in ok shape but definitely would do better with some snow.  We hope to have that in the forecast the next couple of days