Beautiful weekend in the 20’s it was perfect for ice skating.  These kids were headed to the rink for a day of skating with their family


So much different than summer with beach towels.  It was a great January day at the lake


Some of the McGrath family had beaten them to the lake.  They helped us get it shoveled off from the light snow fall Saturday morning.  By the end of the day they were all better skaters and no screen time!  The ice is still in good shape.  We will keep the rink open as long as mother nature cooperates.  


Great views


Meanwhile out on the playground we had to do a bit of a rescue.  Our old BBQ looked like a great place to hide from grandma, until he got stuck. Troy to the rescue.  


Who knew extracting kids out of a chimney would be part of the job requirement of running a resort.  


IMG_5094 (2)

The sock machine has been working overtime on scrap socks. I have put a bunch of new ones on the website  They are fun and unique.  

We had a couple of Summer 2021 cancelations

Kaubashine and Holiday June 5 – 12, Red Pine June 25 – July 2nd and Bear Den August 20th to 27th

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the resort I announce them there as well

Winter Specials:  I put Kaubashine on special for next weekend January 23rd at 180/night Fri and Sat and 165/night mid week.  Our 2 bdrs are booking up fast this winter but larger groups are harder to find so you will notice specials throughout the winter