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Sunset on Lower Kaubashine.  It has been cold this week and a little fresh snow

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Lots of skiing and skating at the lake

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Muskie in the fresh snow

We just had a cancelation on Shamrock for the February 4th weekend and are are offering a special on it for smaller groups if you want to get away

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Wildflower was open for a few days this week and that is all it took for Troy and Steve to get the bedroom carpets out of the cabin

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This is what happens when they hear they can have a cabin for a few days.  The fix it list comes out

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Carpet out and new floors going in.  We are very excited to get rid of any and all carpet in the cabins.  By summer we hope to have most of it gone.  Steve just ordered new floor for all of Norway next and rumors of new beds including possibly a King for Norway is being discussed…  Muskie is also being mentioned for a King in the middle bedroom.  As long as the cabins stay busy this winter we will be able to do most if not all of these things. 

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New beds are always a good thing!

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Sock machine continues to be busy.  I have added lots of new socks to my website

Need a valentine gift or birthday or just have cold feet check out the shop.  Socks are easy to ship

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Grant and his girlfriend, Bex, have been working on an Etsy shop selling vinyl stickers.  Grant and Bex can make a sticker out of any photograph to put on computers or water bottles or any other surface.  They have made a few Black’s Cliff stickers that you can order or send them your own picture.  They have had fun creating the shop.  Their biggest selling sticker is of Aaron Rodgers.   


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The cedar swings look cold right now but summer is around the corner.  We do have Kaubashine and Holiday open June 5 -12th.  Would be a great escape for a family.  After that our first opening is August 27th

March 1st our spring rates start.  We have already had reservations booking in to March and April for spring break.  We will continue through April 1st having 24 hours between reservations open. It has worked very well this winter to have that break between reservations