Its been a beautiful winter week at the resort.  The snowmobile trails opened jump and the highway in the bay has been busy with sleds passing by.  5-8 more inches of snow expected today


I caught some others crossing the lake at sunset


There were about 10 deer running around the lake.  There were ice shacks with fisherman on the lake.  This herd went running between them.  I asked the fishermen if they saw the deer.  They said no because they had no window on the shack.  They missed quite a site charging between their shacks


You can see one of the shacks on the right side of pic.  


Up the hill they came looking for any left over acorns.


Norway had a few days open on it and Steve and Troy escaped helping on the cleaning crew to do some updating. The carpets in the bedrooms got nixed


New flooring in the bedroom.  Steve also just ordered all new beds for Norway.  When they have time this spring we may get the rest of the floor done through the whole cabin and I am hearing new kitchen counter tops for Norway.  They are on Steve’s wish list


Foxing the old door handle.  He is working on the limits of his building expense account and loving every minute of it


Flash back from how far we have come…  An old swinging bed from the 20’s.  Wondering how comfortable the sleep was on that thin mattress.