Beautiful new snow in the pines followed by cold!  Burr we have been staying inside but it sure is pretty outside

One trip to Save More’s cold parking lot with wind off of Lake Minocqua was enough.  It was a time that you enjoy having a mask on to keep your face warm



The guys are going to continue working inside on floors this week.  They have all of Norway’s bedrooms done.  Holiday king bedroom was next. They may take a break from Holiday and do a bedroom or two in Restawhile while it is open this week.  Our 2 bdrs are very busy during the pandemic and hard to find down time in to work on things.  



Summer is not far off when these chairs will be filled.  Til then we will be enjoying some nice fires.  

I am still waiting on some of the summer deposits.  There may be a cancelation or two popping up as I make a few phone calls this week.  Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Facebook page if you are looking.  The last openings I posted lasted 2 min and the other 6 hours


Until it warms up I will be happily making socks and staying warm by the fire.