Woody, Duchess and Lucy want everyone to know it is cold outside!  They were enjoying a quick romp in the snow at -10 before their humans go snowmobiling

For a week and a half we have been busy but barely seen any guests as everyone has been staying pretty close to the cabins and enjoying fires.  Taking pictures outside at minus whatever degree was not on my to do list.  Thankfully it is warming up every day this week to soon be in the lower 30’s.  A heat wave!


Mack came 1/2 way down the beach steps but was going no farther.  He has gotten slower this winter with his bad back leg.  Steps are not at his top list of favorite things.  His back leg with ACL problem he only still puts some weight on.  He now throughly enjoys his bed by the fire.  The cold does not effect him, just more naps by the fire


Ice skating rink is still open for now.  It is getting late winter and it becomes like a bowl.  It is higher in the middle than it is on the sides from the weight of the snow on the edges.  

We are offering a special on Muskie this weekend for smaller groups due to the fact we are out of 2 and 3 bdrs.  We have Muskie, Holiday and Red Pine open.  So the first one to go on special is the one closest to the house where I do not have to go far to clean.  Check out Muskie if you need an escape for the weekend.  It should be a beautiful weekend to enjoy being outside.  Time to play in the snow

We currently have summer openings up to June 12 and starting August 20th.  Spring rates start March 1st at 140/night.  Get booked in for an escape before we get too booked up.  With the pandemic still going on the cabins have been busier and we expect that to keep going into the spring