It was a beautiful weekend at the resort.  This picture from Larry and Sue Sveda


Sunrise taken by Sue much earlier than I was up


IMG_5386 (1)

The Kurtz family was up enjoying the possibly last day of ice skating on our rink

IMG_5387 (1)

They were all smiles skating in the spot they will be swimming in this summer

IMG_5393 (1)

Troy and I got outside to hang up our 40 maple taps around the resort.  40’s for the next week the trees should be flowing 

IMG_5389 (1)

Someone stole my phone to take pictures of me tapping instead of him this year.  We had one tree running so far. Spring is on the way!

IMG_5399 (1)

Of course the day after beautiful temps we get a bunch of snow.  

IMG_5405 (2)

IMG_5401 (1)

IMG_5400 (1)

IMG_5404 (1)

IMG_5403 (1)

IMG_5408 (1)

Sunset in the pines.  Snow will not last long

2 cabins left this weekend.  Get in your spring reservations.  Summer right now is booked June 12 – August 27th