The fog and snow of March.  Some don’t like this time of year.  Personally I love the foggy woods and misty lake as the snow melts


Driveway is the main issue getting mucky

The water falls in Ironwood and Hurley are calling our names.  This is the best time of year to see them full of spring melting water


When the snow came our Troy and Steve took the tools to Shamrock.  So far 2 bedrooms got new flooring and touch up varnish on doors and windows was done


Bedrooms will be so much cleaner without carpet.  Very excited about the change.  We are almost at the end of our flooring upgrade for spring

I just heard Steve was on the way to Menards to pick up new dinning room and kitchen windows for Bear Den.  I think that is the next big project between people renting it.


Back to the misty lake

Our skating rink has seen the end of its days


New boat motors are arriving by the end of May beginning of June.  Our old ones will be for sale that are 4 years old.  Any one interested in a motor to buy let us know.  5 new motors will be at the beach this summer.  Steve has been hard at work repairing the upholstery on our black pontoon boat we got last year.  It is looking good!  


Summer 2021 is looking up!  Troy and I have received our first vaccines and Steve is not far behind we hope,  We are discussing opening the community room for summer if things still keep improving with the virus.  Blankets and pillows…. are still an issue for us until everyone on the crew is vaccinated and we feel comfortable fluffing and folding.  Keep an eye on our COVID 19 update on our website we will be updating it this next week a little

Cancelations for summer 2021

Kaubashine 3 bdr June 19 – 26, Bear Den August 13 – 20th