IMG_5498 (3)

The lake is slowly melting away changing color from white to gray to eventually black


Some people run to Florida this time of year.  No thanks, keep your crowded beaches


No traffic here


Just a golden retriever waiting at the top of the steps

Mack wants back next to the wood stove



Firepits quiet for now and time to start raking soon


The maple trees have been flowing all week


Our fancy filtration system getting rid of any junk in the sap

A friend of mine just started tapping her trees for the first time a week ago.  She cold not believe she had not done this before.  It really is not that complicated and you only need a few maple trees.  If you have a maple tree or 2 in your yard or more, you can give it a try.  She thought she needed special sugar maple trees.  Nope any old maple will do.  All you need is a drill, some spouts, bags, cheese cloth and a few big pots and you are off and going.  It keeps us off the Florida beaches in March and that is a good thing

Resort is currently back to being booked out June 12 – August 28th.  Keep an eye on Facebook for any changes I announce them there first