The snow has just about completely melted.  We have snow banks left but that is about it

We are keeping cabins open for guests who we have had a steady trickle of all month.  Spring break at a cabin for many beats the crowds in Florida.

We are working on a few projects and keeping the furniture store in business.  Steve has been replacing beds right and left.


As this one went in Birchwood he informed me that the store was out of queen beds for now


Our larger snowbank has kept or maple sap cool the last few days.  We were out of town and Steve filled the entire garbage can with sap for us to cook off while we were gone


The lake is getting darker and darker


Edges are going to.  I am are the ducks will be on the lake soon


I am old and I do not want to go down all those steps in Mack’s comment

He is much more interested in the fire in the house and cooking down the maple sap

We still have a few cabins open this weekend and Easter.  Come on up and watch the lake melt with us