Ice out started out looking good.  We saw this Monday morning and thought it would be a good ice out no problems…

Then the wind started in the afternoon…..


This was the first indication we were in trouble.  The ice moved in when crazy winds came in blowing it right into our shore.  We broke up what we could and headed down to see what happened down at Holiday’s docks


The docks at Holiday were already destroyed.  Once every 20 years or so we have a bad ice out like this that takes out the docks we leave in.  This is the year we paid for it…  The larger dock in this group broke completely in half.

We take out about 1/2 of our docks but leave 1/2 in along with the raft and they are usually just fine in the spring


Time to go back to the main docks and save what we can


By the time we got back over to the docks and raft the ice had already moved in again.  Out in a boat we do hacking the ice before it hits the docks


For an hour and a half guests joined in with us battling the ice as it slowly crept in with each wind gust


We even had the power of Batman


We fought the good fight…


But at some point it became more than we could do


One dock down and raft on top of it.  Somewhere under the raft and dock is the barrels squished by ice


We raised the white flag exhausted and took our chances that the worst was done


Thankfully or ski dock and Kaubashine and Shamrock’s docks were spared.  Above is Eagles Nest dock we had hoped had made it through……  Lots of dock work to do this spring