The weather has slowly been getting better and we have been starting the getting the place going for summer.  The raft is still jammed up on one of the little docks from ice out but we can pretend it is floating out on the lake and it is 80 degrees out


We had a special delivery of new signs that Eric Peterson made for us.  Eric’s wood work is amazing.  You will see his signs popping up all over the resort


The questions of what side of the shed is try and which is wet wood has been solved.  


Signs says it all  The guys put a lot of time into keeping things stocked including kindling.  I grew up with the idea that 7 pieces of kindling is all you need to get a fire going.  


The latest pile of kindling ready to be cut apart and piled in shed


Chris and Amanda Moran arrived to enjoy the quiet woods and help out with the opening for a couple of weeks.  First thing to do was get the cedar chairs out of the shed and around campfires


Amanda found her new calling, hammering down loose nails in seats


After the chairs got out of the shed there was room to pull the black pontoon out.  It is headed up for some welding fix for a week or so before going in the lake.  Steve also repaired some of the upholstery in March


Back down at the lake the resort boat lift was the first thing put back in the lake.  The little blue docks will be next followed by lots of repairs to our permanent docks.  Lots of 4 by 4 treated were purchased to replace sheared off legs of the docks from the ice


Back to dreaming of summer

We are in the process of getting the blankets and pillows back in the cabins.  As of right now they are headed back  into the cabins over the next 2 weeks.  As long as things remain safe with variants we will leave them in the cabins and beds will be made up.  Our entire cleaning crew is now vaccinated we feel safe putting them back in.  Keep an eye out on our COVID 19 update on the website for changes before you come.  We also now send out packing list 4 days before you come by email.  Changes will be announced there