This was our wake up view on Mo day.  It was hard to get going.  Thankfully 60’s are in the forecast later in the week.  


So what do you do when it is snowing out on a Monday morning?  Get in the lake and put in docks of course.  Notice that is Chris Moran and Troy in the water.  Steve is on shore in the background without waders on.  Chris and Troy will tell you the ice has not been off the lake long.  

We had to get the blue docks going early so we can move the boats to them.   We have to do repairs on the little boat docks that the ice sheared off.  Lots of dock work to do.  Mother Nature needs to make it easier 


Not cold at all come on in….  Notice Troy’s red hands from being in the cold water

They both headed up to fireplaces after they were done