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We have had a new visitor at the resort.  A small black bear.  We assume it is a year or two old that mom has kicked out.  We have not seen momma bear anywhere near just this little guy who has taken a liking to our dumpster.  Troy got the surprise of his life when opening the dumpster to see a bear in it.  The bear went out the back of the dumpster as Troy gave his heart a work out.  


It is small and at the moment easily chased off.  We have a new dumpster with a lock bar coming and have called the DNR about relocating our friend.  Every guest in the resort has gotten a view of our friend.  Everyone is just aware right now and keeping food inside.  The dumpster was emptied and we are leaving it that way until the new one arrives


I think it thinks the dumpster is its den.

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Chris and Amanda demonstrating the best way to walk around resort at the moment.  Pot banging and a barking dog are the best bear deterrent we have at the moment


Big stick banging on a tree and growling at it work as well

Reminds me of the Walking Dead TV show with the guy with a club


Meanwhile work goes on.  Amanda wanted to clean up our woodshed and got to work splitting kindling.  Kindling we ask folks to use sparingly.  A lot of work goes in to keeping a pile high.  Thanks Amanda!

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We ordered a load of road gravel delivered.  They delivered it right in the middle of the driveway to Kaubashine, Shamrock and Eagles Nest……  Not sure why you would pick this spot to drop gravel……  


Gave the guys a reason to go rent a skid steer.  

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The final dock got fixed at Eagles Nest


Chris and Steve sanding and painting new screen doors for Bayview and Wildflower at Steve’s house


Its been a busy week but time to enjoy the quiet moments on the lake

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