It has been a busy week getting ready for Memorial Weekend.  We got our final dock in with the help of Grant.  They gave up on the waders as they had sprung leaks and the water was warmer
IMG_6082 (1)


From doing finals at Saint Norbert to figuring out what screws go in which hole.  Grant was thankful for the change of pace from studying to frigid water bonding time with dad


Rob Schulz was up again for some spring fishing.  His smile says it all.  Three weeks of paradise ahead for him as family and friends flow through his cabin


Panfish are biting.  This batch was from the Hodes/Buhot crew at the resort

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Lots of stores closing in town so it is nice to see one opening in the Boardwalk shops.  Great antique and craft store.  Stop by and check it out. 

Store closings I know of in town.  Paul Bunyans (open only for gift shop and dounut sales, restaurant is closed this year), The Vine, Jacobi’s are a few I have heard of.  Lots of things long waits for like our new boat motors for the beach, couches, fridges….  I saw an administrator at Marshfield Clinic helping out his cleaning crew vacuuming because of shortage of cleaning staff.  Many places are at half staff but doing the best that they can


I have expanded my shop into the community room with some cabinets.  The middle one I found at The Found it store.  It is a 1930’s sock display that I love!.  The pie safe on the left came from Gaslight Square.  I also found a jelly shelf not pictured at Ages Past on Hwy 47


The gift shop is restocked with new shirts and t-shirts.  Sweatpants are coming soon


New long sleeve T I think will be a fast seller.  I have more coming with hoods

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Really cool sunset pictures shared from the Adamietz family



IMG_6089 (1)

IMG_6091 (1)

This is the Moore family campfire I snagged from them


Peace and quiet on the lake