Lots going on at the resort as usual.  Lots of fishing and lots of crappies. Thankfully no bear sitings.  We are being very careful cleaning fish remains in freezers only put in the dumpster day before it is picked up.  So far so good!


The old red boat got a fresh paint job from Grant.  He is home till July 1st when he heads off to California on an adventure including San Fransico and Yosemite.  Til then he is enjoying helping us get projects done around the resort


Rule is you paint it, clean it, gas it up, you get to take the first ride in it


Grant and Bex have been working on their own business a sticker store.  We have a selection of their stickers in our shop featuring the resort.  They can do personalized stickers as well of a favorite picture you have or one with your family.  Great for sticking on water bottles, computers…   They have had a fun time developing their own store.  On Etsy they are called Bloomingdesignstickers  


Out at the sock shop another machine arrived.  This one is a 1914 Gearhart.  I think it has found a new home with one of our guests I will be showing how to make socks.  I might have other machines for sale just ask me if interested.  I seem to be a machine magnet for anyone who has one in their attic or basement on a shelf for 20 – 50 years.  Around 15 or so machines have wandered to the resort.  Some have stayed and some have found new owners


Steve bought some new chairs for the beach for loungers.  


With the warm weather Mack can attest to the fact that the water is just right for swimming in the afternoons.  He also objects to anyone saying he is smelly after bathing, just pass the bacon or watermelon


Troy and Steve have been busy fixing a few things on the list.  Picnic tables getting new boards


Steve is working on a new teeter totter


Everyone else has been fishing… lots of fishing