Happy 4th!  We spent the night out on the lake with the amazing fireworks our neighbors shoot off.  Will Flower and Gloria Snodgrass get photo credit for the following pics as I was taking a video of it that is on our Facebook page

IMG_6463 (1)

IMG_6462 (1)


The pre show boat ride waiting for sunset.  No traffic or crowds perfect night on the lake except for the mosquitos


Back to the goings on at the resort

You might have noticed our blog was down for awhile.  It went down at about the same time our webmaster did.  Thankfully he is feeling better and his fingers are dancing over the keys again and got us back up and running but that is a story for another day that he can tell just very thankful he is back!


Mack’s number one favorite person arrived.  Kelsey and he have had a bond over 11 years the none of us can explain.   She does not like dogs, but loves Mack and Mack loves her.   He hears her voice yell Mack and even if it has been a year he literally perks up and runs to Kaubashine.  


Golden Retrievers I swear can smile.  I do know there is a box of Milk Bones close but the bond is more than that 


Back to our 4th of July events, we had an amazing Low Country Boil for 40 people but on by 3 amazing cooks!  All I can say is wow! and so did everyone else it was a true treat


Table set just needed people to show up and they did

IMG_6440 (1)

We even had an Old Fashioned Station manned by Will Flower.  


I had no idea what a Low Country Boil is but all I can say is it was amazing.  Shrimp, crab, lobster tail, sausage corn and potatoes.  Before that we were treated to clams and mussels with bread and the most amazing garlic sauce….. and a salad with squid…..  I am not a seafood person, or is Troy but it was the best we would ever find in the Northwoods and we enjoyed and tried things we never have before.  This is what dinner for 40 people looks like 


And we ate, and drank, and laughed, and talked and ate some more


Hats off to our amazing cooks Chris Moran on the right, James on the left.  Missing from the picture is Eric Peterson who was busy cooking

You did great guys and made a lot of people happy

Now bring on the horseshoes!