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Lots of good times at the beach this week.  I think many would say this is their favorite view


Tom Hixson directed us through our annual Roy Tungett Memorial Horseshoe Tournament at Hilltop.  After over 20 years of doing this I can honestly say the competition has slowly gotten better.  Most of us can hit the pit most of the time and the sound of shoes hitting the stake has increased.  We even saw a few 6 packs on each side of the pits womens and mens.  A 6 pack is one person getting both shoes to ring the stake.  Mr Tungett did not know what he started so many years ago that we continue in his honor gathering friends and families at one of his favorite games


This year the finals were Troy 

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vs Dan Heinz a newcomer in the last 3 years.  Dan did a great showing for the Heinz family!

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Heather was Troys partner and got a 6 pack around the stake in the final round!  Awesome Heather!


Grace demonstrated great form and got her own points


In the end Troy and Heather pulled it out thanks to Heather’s awesome 6 pack.  

Horseshoe playing cards and vinyl stickers were the prizes

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The best part comes later in the day after everyone cooled off in the lake, a picnic for 4 potluck the we did this year at Muskie Inn cause all the tables were there from the Low Country Boil the week before.  Good Times!


This weeks movie was the classic The Great Outdoors requested by Amanda Moran.  Next year we have promised Meatballs

Classic picture of “Suck My Wake” skimming across the lake in the movie


Other big news is we had 7 loons on the lake.   We do not have a breeding pair on  the lake this summer sadly.  Instead we have the juvenile loons stopping in and checking out the lake.  They are teenagers checking out the area and they travel in packs usually harassing pairs on lakes looking for they future spot.   Lets hope one of these young loons decided we are pretty nice place to take up residence

There was a report of the loons fishing and an eagle swooping in on them and stealing their fish they had just brought to the surface.  Eagles are opportunists and loons supply them with fish once in awhile


Grant and Bex’s stickers have been a hit and heading off the shelves.  They are sending me more stickers this week from California where they are for 2 months.  Enjoying the sights and working but missing the calmer midwest once in awhile and afternoons skiing on Lower Kaubashine


Cool sun halo or rainbow around the sun

We do have a cancelation in Red Pine August 13 – 20th give a call if interested