Beautiful warm days of summer at the resort.  Took the red boat out for a spin around the lake for fun


Our beach getting busy with everyone in their spots, warm temps and happy kids jumping in


David and Leanne getting their feet wet while Bryce was wasting no time in enjoying the water


Mark Tempel having fun enjoying the water no better place to be!


IMG_6611 (1)

I hear the fishing has been good this week.  Brian McCabe and his boys headed out to find the crappie on the first morning.  I hear they found the fish because the fish house has been busy with a few groups.  I think it is safe to bet that their will be a fish fry at the Frisch cabins this week 

IMG_6620 (1)

Besides fish there are also berries a plenty.  Troy and I went to a local strawberry farm last week.  This week we snuck out with a friend on a local golf course to get raspberries.  A wild ride with questionable brakes across the rolling hills with a Great Dane and Golden Doodle was a story for another day.  Many raspberries were found!  Blueberries at a local farm yet this week followed by blackberries in a couple of weeks will fill out freezer

IMG_6560 (1)

We did sneak away for a couple of days to an undisclosed Lake Superior beach with Mack for a few days.  It was delightful.  Make sure to take a visit to Lake Superior when you are at the resort.  Parts of it are just over an hour away from the resort.