We have had a lot to celebrate this last week or so.  Big event was Howard Berchtold’s 90th birthday at the resort. There was a lot of singing, toasts with matching cups, matching shirts, egg toss and a three legged race.  Howard was happier to celebrate also his 65 years with Jean and 45th summer up north.  He knows the date for sure when they started based on Steve being a baby when they arrived at the resort

Congrats to Howard and Jean on so many summers and years together 

IMG_6685 (1)

Summer fun at the lake with the warm temps.  Everyone was in the lake


Mack was even in the lake.  He needs help getting out of the lake and was very happy to just stand in the lake and look at me while he cooled off.   Getting him out involved both of us getting wet but it felt good


Always lots  of fishing going on.  Nice bass for Ed and Andi


Released back in the lake at Eagles Nest dock

IMG_6649 (1)

Meghan Timperly has a challenge to everyone.  This is the highest pinball score I have seen this summer.  Can anyone beat her?


A couple of good sized storms had us recruiting from the teens in the resort to get help bailing boats.  

Noah and Lindsy bailing while Charlie and Owen were picking up sticks.  Much appreciated help


Out at the wood shed there was a lot of blocking of wood


Followed by a lot of chopping.  Steve recruited help from Eric Berchtold.  Duel axes swinging

With being busier in the offseason over the pandemic we went through a lot more wood than expected so time to fill the shed again

We get our wood from local tree service.  They are always amazed how fast we split and stack each load they bring us


Always time for a few socks on the deck.  This is one of my older machines.  I use it for mens socks due to it having more needles and it making the socks wider

This is a different brand of sock machine.  Most of my machines are Gearharts and this is a Legare from the 1920’s.  Basically Ford vs. Chevy.  Some people love Gearhart machines and some love Legare just like trucks

IMG_6667 (1)

Few more summer weeks ahead with busy Saturdays flipping over the  cabins.  Steve has perfected his sheet delivering