My kids grew up fishing with Troy’s dad so I can appreciate a grandpa on the dock with 2 kids casting, and taking off worms and fish off hooks.  Grandpa Walsh with a smile on his face every year creating memories with the grandkids is what it is all about.  Hopefully with no hooks in anyones head or fingers and fish to fry.  Frying fish in my kitchen was the only cooking I ever saw my father inlaw do but think fondly back on the mess he made in my kitchen 


Appreciating the beauty of old cement steps with moss growing here and there is also part of resort life


Now it is working on projects with dad, uncle and nephew.  Steve and Jake continue their fix it projects.  Today was a new triangle for the blue dock


Not sure what is next on their list


Lots of boat bailing this week with rain every day or so


Katie Flower stopped over to be the first to get one of Grant and Bex’s new lake stickers


They added in the Hwy 51 and lake sticker to their inventory.  They are easy to mail if anyone needs a gift or one for themselves to put on a water bottle or other item

IMG_6751 (2)

Summer is humming along and September right around the corner with our fist openings starting Sept 4th

I also had Birchwood open Sept 8th to the 15th if anyone needs an escape.  Birchwood does not open often in the fall