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Sunday mornings in the summer are always full of happy faces ready for a fun week with the family.  Lots of happy smiles with grandma!


Brian and his son Asher talking about all the wildlife they might see on vacation.  Shortly after this picture little Asher showed up with a small grass snake he had found in the woods.  Nothing like time at the lake with dad discussing big plans for the week

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Asher’s grandparents Gavin and Tina were searching for a little shade to watch him explore the lake and woods.  Tina worked at the resort years ago and is now enjoying bringing her family back to the resort 

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In other news we gathered together the pop tabs left at the resort this summer.   Big thanks for Leo Hodes and his students and John Thompson who were a big part of this pile of tabs.  They are headed with another one of our guests who is the director of the Ronald McDonald House in Madison.   Tab collection for their house equals usually about 10,000 dollars.  If you have a drawer or cup full of them bring them along on vacation and drop at the office.  I will get them to the Ronald McDonald House.  Ronald McDonald will forever be in our hearts after having to use it once.  It is a great organization   Thanks to everyone who contributed to this pile.  I collect them year round not just in the summer, so bring them along on vacation much appreciated


Our resort is also a sponsor of a program at the Northwoods Wildlife Center where kids can try out being a wildlife rehabber.  Check out the Northwoods Wildlife Center if you have little ones to try out this fun program

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Back to enjoying summer!