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With kids back in school the beach got a lot quieter.  I found one person enjoying the beautiful afternoon on the dock.  So different than a month ago.  Gotta enjoy moments like this

I just opened up our summer 2022 calendar through August 27th.  We are currently booked starting June 11 until August 19th.  Check out our availability page for details.  Nothing will change until January when summer deposits are due from returning guests.  I will update the chart and Facebook when I hear anything canceling.  

We have openings starting this Sunday Sept 5th for anyone how needs moments like this as we turn into the fall season.  I have put some specials up through mid September as well

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Biggest excitement of the week is Andy Krammers fishing adventures on the lake

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With the quiet comes the guys making plans for projects.   First up is building a room in our shed for cleaning supplies so they can leave the old sauna area.  The old sauna we have not decided yet if it will be open this winter.  We have ordered a new barrel sauna and are anxiously awaiting word on its delivery.   When we no longer need the old sauna we are expanding our office/sock shop into it

Thats just a couple of things we have in the works


Conner drove his cousin Grant back for his final year at Saint Norbert.  How the time has flown that we have just one in college in his final year.  

Conner, Katie’s son is headed to his junior year at UW Madison next week


Back to enjoying moments at the lake while the warm weather holds