The tale of bluegill fishing.   You always hear the story about the big one that was hooked while bluegill fishing but got away. Always a big tale and do you believe it when they say it was a big fish…..  

People ask me where are the muskies.  My response is always look for the bluegills and the muskies are not far behind

Mike Grady was fishing for bluegills with his son and grandson.  This is a wire hook that is easily bent meant for the little bluegills to bit a worm on

Mike hooked a fish and it felt like he was hooked on a log.  Gently pulling he saw the fins and the tail swish and knew it was bigger than a bluegill and told his son to hold on get a net

IMG_6995 (1)

For a half and hour Mike and the muskie did a dance.  He was using a 4lb test line with an ultra light pole.  Mike had caught many a fish but never a big muskie fisherman he had not caught a big one.  He let the fish drag out and slowly wheeled it closer and then let it drag out again repeated for over a half an hour.  Slowly the fish got tired and they got it near the boat and in the net.  Mike never thought the hook or the line would hold but it did very carefully

IMG_6997 (1)

Here is the small tackle he was using

Usually this tale ends with the muskie snapping the line and swimming off laughing.  Usually with a bluegill in its mouth

Mike said the fish even flipped out of the water a couple of times

IMG_6996 (1)

He hooked it in a good spot

IMG_6994 (1)

Happily this Tigger Muskie is back in the lake hunting more bluegills and getting bigger

Mike has a story to tell for the next 20 years.  Great job Mike!


Around the resort we know it is the end of summer because the tether ball rope wore out.  It is always good for one summer then it breaks in fall or early winter


It is colder and Grant made an order for mom to make him homemade pasties.  They are the best college warm up food.  They do not take too long to make.  Only rule is they must have rutabaga in them.  Can’t have a pastie with out rutabaga 

You can buy these meat pies around town.  They were miners food back in the day going down into the mines.  We eat ours with gravy over it.   We make the classic ones with sausage, potatoes, onion and rutabaga along with spices


Grant sent me his new route 51 stickers to sell in the shop.


The bowling game has been acting up this summer.   Finally roped Steve into playing with the cellinoids and it is working on all cylinders once again

It sat during COVID and needed a little TLC


Beach is getting easier to keep up with less people at it every day

We have 80’s projected for the weekend.  I just posted a special for our last cabin open Red Pine for the weekend on our availability page