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Peeks of color are popping up around the resort.  Colors will be exploding in another week

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We had some big rain come through.  Troy had had enough of bailing all the boats and we started taking out some of our extra boats.  

Key here is not letting Steve take out to many.  He starts towing them to Hilltop to take out and always seems to grab an extra or two more than we thought to take out.


We had an injured Oven Bird around the resort hopping around.  We caught it and took it up to the Wildlife Center.  Troy had never seen an Oven Bird before.  They get the name from the nests that look like ovens on the ground.  


Mack has been enjoying all the fall visitors.  He has many favorite guests he recognizes year to year that he drops by to see.  Gayle and Linda are on that list 


Cooler days and fires in the fireplace are a perfect way to enjoy fall.   We still have some fall openings.  Restawhile just opened Sept 25 to the 29th for 4 nights.  Grab it before it is gone!