Always a good day when it starts out fishing with your bestie.  Sari and Bill off on a fishing adventure


Nice fish caught and released by the Jon and his wife to be caught another day


Others were happier to do the last swim of the year.  As the temps went to almost 80 Jackie and Rosie had to jump in and enjoy one last swim across the lake

Till Next summer!

IMG_7071 (1)

One dog in attacks others to jump in


Many more much happier to just watch from the beach warm and dry


Speaking of fishing… John Burscheid stopped by to pick up the fish stocking donations we have collected.  He reports that the DNR is stocking 50 12 inch muskies in the lake and the lake association is paying to put in 1,000 walleyes this fall.  He says thanks to all who donated


Troy and Steve are up to something in the shed….  They come up with projects to duck out of being on the fall cleaning crew.  We have been talking about this project for about a year


The beginnings of our new cleaning supply room in the shed.  Our supplies will be moving from the old sauna to this area which will be heated.  The old sauna will be activated back up this winter.  In the spring we are hoping for the delivery of a new barrel sauna.  Our old sauna we are going to be turning into an expansion of our gift shop/office room.  So excited to expand my shop!


Mack can’t contain his excitement.  More room for treats in the office


We escaped for a little camping trip and bike ride in Sayner


The Sayner bike trails are beautiful this time of year


Back to work.  Just another day at the office for Troy.  Making sure Steve does not take out all of the boats

Restawhile is open a few days starting on this Saturday the 25th if anyone wants to come up and enjoy Beef A Rama