John and his dog Sammy up enjoying the fall colors.  Sammy almost blends in with the colors.  

The colors have been amazing this fall


Woods by Bear Den bonfire with yellows


Troy and Steve busy at the office taking out a few more boats.  Troy gets tired of keeping the paddle boats clean of falling acorns and debris.  They are done for the year along with all the green boats.  We have plenty left in as the temps go down and less guests go out on the lake


Penny along on for the ride


Beach front slowly getting put away.  We won’t have it all buttoned up till the end of October




We have Red Pine open this weekend.  I lowered the nightly minimums on this weekend and next for Bear Den and Red Pine to 2 nights.  

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are booking quickly.  If you wanted to spend the holidays up north now is the time to book before we fill up