It was a beautiful weekend in the Northwoods.  We have extended Eagles Nest being open through October 22nd weekend.  We may keep it open through Halloween if the warmer weather holds.  It is open starting October 19th


Over three days we had hundreds of people through the resort to see the sock shop for the Northwoods Art Tour.  It is always a fun and busy weekend of art and friendship and wine at the end of the day


Mack when the wine came out

IMG_7239 (1)

We also had a guest artist, Erik Peterson up from Grays Lake.  Erik is an amazing wood worker.  You have seen his work around the resort with our new cabin signs

IMG_7242 (1)

IMG_7240 (1)


Carrying on the fall tradition was Olav and Anita Mersserschmidt.  Every year Anita entertains us with her version of tetherball.  The best is hearing her hoots of laughter as the ball sails over her head


Such form!


Will Olav get it past Anita?  That shall remain a secret


It was warm enough for a few swimmers.  Johnnie and John Thompson could not resist a jump in the lake for one last afternoon on the raft.  Will there be another brave soul yet to swim out?  


In other news, Chris and Steve were busy working on our new cleaning room in the shed.  Steve got me to let him off the cleaning crew for 3 days to work with Chris on the project


Insulation and electrical light made it in.  This will be year round room for us to store our linens and cleaning supplies.  We will be reopening our sauna for winter use.   Hopefully our new sauna arrives in the spring so that next summer we can expand the office/Sock Shop into the old sauna




Raft days are quickly coming to the end