Our first snows have arrived.  Not much yet but more is on the way sooner than later


The resort has gotten quieter.  The next couple of weekends we have openings.  As deer hunting and Thanksgiving approach the availability is getting less and less.  If you are thinking of the woods for the holidays give a call.  We do have some private hunting land open during Thanksgiving if anyone is interested in staying and heading into the woods give a call


With the quiet resort it does not take the guys long to turn in their cleaning jobs with Amy and I.  They quickly headed to Birchwood and a project over helping with fall cleaning


Steve headed to roof with skill saw in hand


Straightening out Birchwood’s low pitched roof has been on Steve’s list for awhile


Off went the eves


The roof line is dramatically changing



More pics to come as the project continues


Meanwhile the cleaning stuff and sheets has been evicted from the sauna.  We are putting the old sauna back into use this winter.  In the spring hopefully, we will have delivery of a new barrel sauna and we will close the old sauna for good.  The old sauna will become and expansion of the Sock Shop/Office.  Can’t wait!


Here is the new cleaning hut across the driveway.  Complete with a heater so the cleaning supplies do not freeze in the winter.  A much needed addition.  Our sheets will be on the shelves as well in closed bins


In other things going on around the resort, we had a small sock machine crank in.  Connie Reeves came up to hang with Amy and I to learn from each other.  We had 3 sock machines whirling and creating


Christmas balls were our project


Here is one in the middle of being made.  Learning lace work on the machines was fun


I now have a bowl of balls.  They will be for sale in the shop for 14.  It will be fun to see all the different balls we come up with