Deer Camp week is always fun but requires protective wear.  About 1/2 of our cabins fill up with hunters who have made the resort part of their hunting tradition.  Whether they hunt our private land or public lands in the area they all come back to the cabin with their stories and a few deer

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The Walstad crew who specialize is seeing deer, eating good food and a trip or two to the casino


The Welnak guys have their own land close by and always a few stories to tell


You never want your hunting clothes to smell like breakfast which would be a dead give away to any deer with in 10 miles to steer clear.  Always store your clothes outside.  It is a cold put on in the morning


The Evans Family are our longest running hunting group.  Dan, Jeff and the guys are the ones who use the deer stands along our trails you see.  


The Sveda family is also one of our long running families.  They hunt the swamp down the road.  Last year a nice 6 point buck went home with them.


While the hunters were in the woods the ice creeped across the lake


Troy thought it was a good time to take the last motor off the last boat in the water


We had a few extra visitors this weekend.  Steve and Jake were out of town, so Apollo and Penny came to visit.  Penny was letting Apollo know in no uncertain terms she laid claim to the gator seat and was here first


Smart Apollo let her have the cold gator seat while he grabbed the spot in front of the fire


Mack was just happy to let the other 2 know he may be old but he is in charge and stay off his bed


I have one Christmas stocking left that is done.  I can make a couple more before Christmas.  I have patterns for 10 different stockings.  They are 70 each and that includes the name being put on.  I am taking orders as well for 2022 of what stockings to make after the New Year.  If interested message me for details and pictures of the other patterns.  I do have some of them on my site   


These are sold but are other patterns I make

I have also added some Christmas Balls to the site.  They are 12 each.  I will have them year round in the shop or you can order them through the site

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Now on to Thanksgiving

We have Holiday open for the holiday yet.  I have reduced it to a 2 night minimum.  I also put it on special for smaller groups with a 3 night minimum.  Wigwam as well opens up on Friday if anyone wants to come up after the holiday for a couple of days