We had a snowy start to Thanksgiving.  It piled up more than we expected


But it made for great pictures


The lake froze over during the weekend


I took my usual walk around the resort taking pictures of the families in the resort making their dinners.  I caught most of them.  The Urbankiak’s perfecting sweet potatoes


The Mann family enjoying a fire and keeping a little one entertained was exhausting


The Walstad crew was doing what they do best watching football and cooking a turkey.  They have relaxing for the holidays down to a science


In between eating turkey and football they headed to the woods for a little deer hunting.  


The Rudatt family was happily not out of the PJ’s and enjoying the day by the fire


Best table decorations went to the Tornetta family.  They had the cabin decked out enough to make Linday Hoadley proud of her cabin


Down in Norway Joey and her family were keeping the fires burning while the turkey cooked

The rest of my families were snoozing when I walked through which is what being in the Northwoods for Thanksgiving is all about


Our own family all made it home as well.  Aunt Debbie gets photo credit for taking the picture of all of us.  


Friday followed the tradition of getting the outside lights up on the tree as the beginning of the Christmas season of decorating and getting the resort ready for Christmas families


I finished my final craft fair of the year Saturday.  The sock machine is happily headed to the house not to emerge til spring on the deck.  

I just uploaded my new Christmas socks for 2021 on my website

IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7723