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It is that time of year that a lot of energy goes in to keeping the ice skating rink open.  So far the rink has held up well.  Cold temps are the answer to a good rink.  Steve was blowing it off in the sunset getting it ready for the weekend

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This past weekend we had lots of people out enjoying it


Lots of hockey action going on

Nothing like playing hockey on a lake compared to indoor rink

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Always good to have a volunteer with boots on to help get the bumps off the ice

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Defending the goal

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Spectators cheering on the game


This is the look of a sucessful afternoon on the ice with family

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Snowmobiles zooming across the lake

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Out at the woodshed, Troy was working on a new pile of kindling.  Our in town source has dried up.  Steve drove to Rhinelander to get a trailer full of scrap.  The guys put a lot of time in to keeping the shed full.  I do not know another resort that does what the guys do supplying wood and kindling.  


Sock machine has been busy.  I have spent 2 days making scrap socks.  They are fun to see how they turn out.  Combining the different left over skeins creating one of a kind socks.


The UW Madison pink flamingo returned for its 20th plus time gracing the snow bank for Martin Luther King weekend.  There must be a joke about snow on the flamingo means….

Summer Opening update

Bear Den and Red Pine June 17 to the 24th 

Kaubashine just opened June 4 – 11

We have openings up to June 11 and starting August 19th.  Check out our calendar on the website for details

Winter openings have been steadily filling.  Need a weekend away give a call.  I have been posting mid week specials as well on the larger cabins as the smaller ones have been filling up