It has been fridged out and taking pictures and exposing my fingers to the elements has not been on my top list of things to do.  However today I knew the weather broke as we had ice fishermen out in the middle of the lake.  I knew it was ok to go outside


I took a jaunt down to the beach which I had not been down to in over a week.  I noticed one of the kayaks was missing…. I saw a trail in the snow…….

IMG_8355 (1)

Hmmm…. want to take a guess at what this kayak might have been used for…..  Thinking I might need a new sign at the beach about sledding in kayaks….


Back up to the house to grab some wood and go back to the fire.  The bitter cold temps look to be gone.

I have posted a few mid week hot deals on our cabins.  Our 2 bdrs have been booking out so I have opened up some bigger ones for smaller groups mid week