There is just something about a warm March afternoon when you actually feel warmth from the sun and you leave your winter coat in the house

Guys headed out to the wood pile to discuss how to cut these big pines up for fire pit wood

Big logs are not their favorite

Much discussion

First log is picked out. They work hard to keep the wood piles full

I stopped back and they had created a pile to surprise Jake with for splitting. Thankfully our new splitter turns sideways and you roll these big ones into position to be split

We are still waiting for the maple taps to start dripping. Looking at the forecast starting Sunday looks like when they will start up

Next week looks perfect for sapping. Highs in low 40’s and 20’s at night is what we need to get the trees going. We have 43 trees tapped through the resort

My friend Amy has 90 trees tapped. She will be selling her syrup through her food email she sends to guests each week. Her trees are local. They will have a busy few weeks keeping up with 90 trees once they start dripping. I am much happier keeping up with our 43

We have 2, 3 and 4 bdrs still open this weekend. Time to escape the news and head up north for a few days of R and R and watch the trees wake up with us