Spring has sprung. The warm rays have got the snow melting and our maple trees running

Our filter set up for our maple sap. We are very high tech. That is a dog leash that we hang the filter from off the top deck. We filter out little bits that fall into the sap

Filtered sap ready to go in the cook pots to boil down

We just bought this beautiful wood cabinet from a local wood worker. Mike Glauner does beautiful stuff. This piece is headed to Muskie’s king room next to the bed. We may get a few more things from him. I love how he mixes different woods. I hear he has a lifetime supply of old barn wood in storage

We headed out to breakfast this weekend. Oakfire just opened for brunch. This was their breakfast pizza

French Toast was also on the menu. All delish with a bloody mary

Fun old pic. Restawhile from 1920

Back to melting snow.