Wednesday into Thursday we had a ice storm. We woke up to our front yard out our front door looking like this

We were hesitant to walk outside much as branches were continuing to come down

We have not had ice this bad in a few years and there were plenty of weak branches that came down. Our big white pines in the front yard really let loose

The pines were just loaded. This is a small red pine by Kaubashine’s fire pit. Later in the day the top snapped off it and we are going to have to remove the rest of the tree

Kaubashine took the worst hit. We are not sure but think that branch pierced the roof. We are waiting for things to melt a little more before going on the roof to check it out

Definitely pretty but I did not stay outside for long as branches were continuing to come down

Our dumpster took a direct hit as well

Here is Holiday Thursday morning. Pay attention to the tree by the garbage cans.

We are very lucky nobody was staying in the cabin with a car parked outside. Steve is not too upset about loosing that tree as it causes problems when he is plowing

I guess Muskie will be getting a new cedar swing.

Walking around carefully assessing damage

Later in the day Thursday the cleaning up began as the melting started.

Earlier in the day Steve got quite a scare as he heard a crack over his head and he dashed away as a big branch landed where he had been standing

It was much safer for the guys to work on the floor at Red Pine Thursday and Friday. I am happy to report there is no more carpeting in the basement of Red Pine. It seems so much brighter and cleaner without carpeting. Hope everyone likes it.

The maple trees chose to run through the storm. Once the coast was clear on falling branches we got to collecting

This is our fancy high tech filter system for our maple sap

I always get asked about it being clear. The sap comes out of the trees like clear water. As you boil it down eh sugar concentrates and turns it browner and browner

Friday morning it was snowing again…. Steve claims that just 20 miles south there is no snow. We live in Narnia it feels like in late March. If that tree had a light on it and there was a two legged deer poking around Mr Tumus would not be far behind

Spring will spring the maple trees keep telling us that warmer weather is on its way.