For the most part the ice broke up over the last 24 hours with rain and high winds. Thankfully our docks were not hit as hard as they were last year

Not ready to jump off the raft with floating ice still in the lake but happy to see open water!

Still some floating ice but that should be gone in another day or two

We do have some repairs to do at Kaubashine and Shamrock’s dock

Its a little gloomy today but mid 60’s are seen by Wednesday and we can not wait!

Very ready for green instead of brown leaves.

News around the lake. Most know the Tom and Hilltop Resort passed away in January. We have been waiting to hear what would happen to the resort.

This week we heard it is sold and the owners want to keep it running as a resort. We will all be happy when the bar hopefully reopens. I will update when I know more. We are assuming we can work out use of their landing as usual but waiting to talk to the new owners

Treat Mom to a cabin weekend. Next weekend looks beautiful and we will have a few boats in the water. Right now plenty of cabins open

Summer Openings

Bear Den and Red Pine June 3 – 10th they can be broken up nightly

Norway June 11 – 18th

Bear Den and Red Pine June 17 – 24th

Our next opening is August 19th