The Jung family was up at the resort with a Christmas theme this year. I never wonder if this family is having a good time. I hear next year the theme is Cinco De Mayo

Happy to see families having fun. That is what the resort is all about!

While they were having fun our family was busy getting the resort ready for the summer season.

Porches being opened and spring cleaned

Screens and screen doors brought out and cleaned and put back on

Nothing says summer like the slamming of a screen door

Then there is painting. Lots of painting! Anyone in the family who has painted Muskie’s huge porch has a health respect for its size

Steve looking to see if Birchwood’s porch was dry enough to get the glasses he left on the drink well when painting

Troy getting the raft ready for paint. It is being painted this afternoon and hopefully going out next week

Missing pic cause nobody takes my picture, was the perches on the stairway getting spruced up with paint

The only family member not painting. Sunning himself in the driveway. We may attach a paintbrush to his tail

Lake News:

Hilltop Resort has been sold. The boat launch is reopening this weekend on Sunday for us to use. We were a little concerned when the sale was not final about using the launch this summer. Happy to report that we hear the resort and bar will be operating as normal. I am sure they will change some things but just good to hear we are not loosing another resort in the area. Every year you hear of another one closing and turning condo

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