Lots going on at the resort. If you stand around too long we hand you a paint brush

Birchwood getting its roof line painted this week

Our new motors we ordered 2 years ago finally arrived. We have 2 new 9’s and 2 new 6’s to rent.

The Sylvan pontoon arrived back from the repair shop. It is working better than ever we hope. It was a little hard to get in reverse and we think we have that solved

Except for the captains chairs all the furniture was reupholstered by Steve this winter. The Sylvan is styling

We will be renting our 2 pontoons this summer the Bennington and Sylvan

Steve putting screens in the new screened doors for Kaubashine and Shamrock

Muskies new cedar swing all ready for assembly

Katie made the mistake of standing around too long and we gave her a brush to paint

Our biggest painting project of the spring is Eagles Nest. We are sad that we just can not keep the old varnished look going. The cabin just can not get another refresh and look good. We had to make a change. It is being painted in the same color as Bayview, Wildflower and Restawhile with brown trim on the windows. This is after one coat on the lower half. We know it is a change in the feel of the cabin but hope everyone can adjust

Dock work has just started

Things slowly going in. We have a couple of warm days ahead and I am sure the guys will be more willing to get in the chilly water

Kaubashine just opened June 4th, 5th and 6th

Red Pine has a partial week open June 6, 7, 8 and 9th with a 3 night minimum

Bear Den June 3 – 10th 3 night minimum

Norway June 11 – 18th

Bear Den and Red Pine June 17 – 24th are open as well