We get all sorts of visitors at the resort. This little snapping turtle was in my garden. I gave him a lift in the right direction back to the lake

Much larger version was photographed by Anne Kurtz by Holiday. We do not get the big ones up in the resort very often. I think it was looking for a place to lay its eggs before heading back to the lake

Big snappers are fun to see. Thankfully they hang out more in the swampy ends of the lake. We do see them periodically swim through. They usually avoid crowds thankfully

View everyone loves that makes the walk up the steps ok

Lori MaComber and her family enjoying a campfire this week. Hi to Donna and John Pyfer!

Before it gets too hot time to fish in the morning

Better than being in school anyday

With temps going to 90 this week, Mack was swimming. After a swim what could be better than a roll down the hill in the Lilly of the Valley

Any summer visitors please help me keep any eye on Mack. He is having trouble getting out of the lake. If you see him go wadding in the lake please call me or help him out if I am not around. His old legs are not what they used to be

Speaking of dogs….. Our new pal Ooggie Booggie is getting bigger and bigger. Pick up day is July 6. We hope Mack sort of likes his new pal

I have been busy working on Fairy Lights for the shop. They are solar charged with small lights in them.. It is fun to see the different colors light up

My latest batch waiting to get their solar tops on

Stop at the shop to see what I have done. They are 20 each

2 new paddle boats are headed to the beach. One has a sun shade we thing everyone will love. Hopefully nobody breaks the sunshade. Please use carefully

Here is the one with the shade rolled up in the back

Even with this heat I have been getting fall and Christmas week bookings. Don’t wait to book. Birchwood just opened Sept 24 – October 1st, prime color time.

Our first opening is August 19th when Red Pine opens up.