It was a great 4th in the Northwoods. Unfortunately one thing that is not good around the 4th is the internet and dropped calls. There have been no blog entries due to the clogged up internet from a very full Northwoods with a few too many people for a few days. But we all had fun

I had fun taking pictures of our raft in the fireworks. Our neighbors put on quite a show

Along with a whole lot of other things this week we had a wonderful meal of Low County Boil cooked by our world famous cooks. They started this tradition last year and had so many requests for a repeat that I think they are now locked in for steaming a Low Country Boil every 4th of July. Chris above with the crab legs

There were several cookers and lots of LP tanks cooking up the feast

What everyone waits for is the dumping into the kiddie pool

The smell is amazing. The hungry crowd taking pics

We had lobster, crab legs, shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage and lots and lots of it

Every piece disappeared in record time.

We also had Will Flower mixing up Old Fashions for everyone. He mixes a great drink. Thanks Will!

I lost track of how many we had at the table. Good food, Family and Friends is what 4th of July is all about!

Next up the annual horseshoe tournament and our new puppy arrives. Get ready for cute golden retriever pics as Oogie Boogie arrives today