Mack would like everyone to know he is doing good with the puppy. He does not love him but considers him part of his pack. He does love the toys Oogie comes with. He claims a few and Oogie knows old dog gets first pick

Mack especially enjoys walks were he is off leash and the Oogie is in his training collar on a leash. Pays to be an old dog who knows better than to poop in the dinning room

Nothing like a puppy enjoying life and exploring

We had a nice couple of weeks with some of our long standing families. I remember getting lollipops each afternoon from Jeanine’s grandpa, Papa Ott. Jeanine is carrying on her grandpa’s tradition with her own grandchildren. I was half tempted to have a lollipop too but they were not the exact ones Papa Ott handed out. Her grandkids though loved them as much as everyone loved Papa Ott’s treat

Both the Pyfer and Ott/Frisch families found their names in 1960 in our old hotel register. Donna Pyfer found her parents signature and old address. Our hotel register goes back to 1941. That makes it atleast 62 years for both families vacationing at the resort. 5 plus generations

Donna found her parents the Johnson’s

If your family dates for 1976 ask to see the registry to find their names

I found Ted and Joey Tempel’s names in the registry on one of the last summers it was used 1975. Lots of memories in Wildflower

Donna brought over popsicles for the guys while they worked on a little project for her

Some how doing the project Troy might have cut the gas line. An afternoon of turning off the gas to fix it, turning on the gas and then relighting all the pilot lights kept the guys busy.

This summer we are replacing a lot of our walk ways. They replaced the walkway between Muskie and Bayview already. Now it was our turn in front of our house. Trying some new brick

My sock shop is part of an Art Tour twice a year. 3 days in July and 3 days in October. Folks from all over the Northwoods follow a map to 40 different artists studios in the area. Our shop is one of the stops on the tour.

My Fairy Light jars were a huge hit. I have to spend the week making more. They are solar powered and automatically come on at night or you can put the jar lid on covering the solar charger to get them to come on during the day

Lots of folks were going to use them for night lights or outside along their decks

I had 35 of them in all sorts of colors at the beginning of the sale

We also have been busy making Christmas ornaments with the same pattern as I use on the jars

Keep your eye out for what is hiding in the ferns

This next week will be filled with lots of berry picking. Raspberries and blueberries are in season and my freezer is empty

For those looking to book for fall we are very quickly filling up. We are currently booked out till Sept 5th. Check out our availability chart for our openings. Remember it only lists out things when we have openings If the chart is empty we are booked

Our openings for summer 2023 are open up to book up to July 21st. I have to add in 2 openings Red Pine June 16 to the 23 and July 7 to the 14th. If interested in either of these openings let me know. Beyond that everything if booked out from June 17 – July 21. I will add more weeks as they go through in 2022